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Total Geek... TV & Web Producer, Certified Drone Pilot, & Online Entrepreneur. Justin is a globally recognized producer that has spent over a decade producing some of the most popular shows on television including The Bachelor, America's Next Top Mode, and The Amazing Race, to name a few. Justin founded Derivative Apparel in 2014 and continued developing products and growing the company utilizing Fulfillment By Amazon to ship orders while living life out of a suitcase working in television. When TV went digital, so did Derivative, and in 2018, Derivative Media was born as a Digital Marketing & Media company and launch pad for the Derivative brand.

How To Defer Parsing of Javascript

It’s really frustrating when you google to find something and have to scroll through a blog of affiliate link garbage to get the answer you are looking for. So if you are trying to optimize your website and GTmetrix is…

How To Turn Off expose_php Without a php.ini File

How to turn off expose_php without a php.ini file in WordPress cpanel mysql.

Free COVID-19 Testing In Los Angeles California

Los Angeles continues to offer free COVID-19 testing at Dodger Stadium and various COVID testing sites around Los Angeles in efforts to help slow the spread of Novel Coronavirus.


LA Fitness not enforcing members to wear masks or requiring masks at machines after gym reopening in Los Angeles California.

So Far So Good

Just a cute fun Fathers Day clip for your Fathers Day weekend. May you, your friends, and families have a happy, healthy, & safe Fathers Day! Happy Fathers Day Dad!

The Great Realisation

A sweet and simple video true to our times which explains why hindsight’s 2020.  This video is eloquently narrated and produced by the modern digital poet, Tom Roberts, of Probably Tomfoolery.  Tom writes simple poems for complicated times and this…

Riots Breakout in Los Angeles As Protestors Have A Standoff With LAPD

What started as a peaceful protest in Philadelphia over the killing of George Floyd by now ex-police officer, Derek Chauvin, has taken a turn across the country. In Los Angeles, city streets are being blocked off with barricades and police…

Miami Dolphins Hall of Fame Head Coach, Don Shula, Dies At Age 90

Miami Dolphins Hall of Fame Head Coach, Don Shula, Dies At Age 90

Andrew Lloyd Webber, The Show Must Go On, Stay At Home Series

If you’ve been missing the Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Live series every Friday night, you’ve been missing out! Every Friday, Andrew Lloyd Webber has been releasing a live broadcast of some of his most popular Broadway productions on YouTube as part…