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Total Geek... TV & Web Producer, Certified Drone Pilot, & Online Entrepreneur. Justin is a globally recognized producer that has spent over a decade producing some of the most popular shows on television including The Bachelor, America's Next Top Mode, and The Amazing Race, to name a few. Justin founded Derivative Apparel in 2014 and continued developing products and growing the company utilizing Fulfillment By Amazon to ship orders while living life out of a suitcase working in television. When TV went digital, so did Derivative, and in 2018, Derivative Media was born as a Digital Marketing & Media company and launch pad for the Derivative brand.

What Is Stressing These People Out?

A five-storey mesh dancer, a giant game of fire Tetris and — if rumours are to be believed — a hacked Boeing 747 are just a few of the oversized artworks on show at Burning Man (August 30 to September 7). Microsoft’s newest wearable is called…