Justin Sena

Executive Producer

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Total Geek... TV & Web Producer, Certified Drone Pilot, & Online Entrepreneur. Justin is a globally recognized producer that has spent over a decade producing some of the most popular shows on television including The Bachelor, America's Next Top Mode, and The Amazing Race, to name a few. Justin founded Derivative Apparel in 2014 and continued developing products and growing the company utilizing Fulfillment By Amazon to ship orders while living life out of a suitcase working in television. When TV went digital, so did Derivative, and in 2018, Derivative Media was born as a Digital Marketing & Media company and launch pad for the Derivative brand.

Dr. Brian Greenberg

Doctor, Contributing Writer

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Dr. Brian Greenberg trained in Pediatrics, Allergy and Clinical Immunology at UCLA and has practiced medicine in Southern California since 1991. Throughout that time he has been in leadership positions in health policy and medical practice management. He is also an entrepreneur owning and running a medical practice and creating a physician purchasing group with over 1500 medical practices in all 50 states. As a volunteer he was President and Chair of the Board of a private elementary school and for twenty years participated in interviewing applicants for his alma mater, the University of Pennsylvania.