The Great Realisation

A sweet and simple video true to our times which explains why hindsight’s 2020.  This video is eloquently narrated and produced by the modern digital poet, Tom Roberts, of Probably Tomfoolery.  Tom writes simple poems for complicated times and this video is certainly spot on!  We love Toms brilliant work and look forward to seeing more of Tom’s very current content creations, suitable for all ages.  For more information and to subscribe and follow Probably Tomfoolery, see the credits and links listed below.

Credits: Video by Probably Tomfoolery (Tom Roberts) / Music by Katie Phillips / Sound Design by Sam Gee

YouTube: @probablytomfoolery

Facebook: @probablytomfoolery

Instagram: @probablytomfoolery

Twitter: @probstomfoolery

Website: www.probablytomfoolery.com

The Great Realisation
The Great Realisation

A bed time story by, Probably Tomfoolery, of how it started, and why hindsight’s 2020.

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